About Us

We wanted to turn everyday shopping and entertainment into rewards from the places they love in downtown chandler. We deployed this program to offer marketing automation to business owners and push notification benefits about rewards to their customers. This 100% contactless mobile compatible digital rewards stamp card gives people a whole new type of shopping and dining reward experience. The advanced QR code-based digital rewards app is very easy for people to use with one stamp card on your phone at a variety of locations. 

Our Story

A combination of a love for marketing, food, and a sense of community inspired our founder to launch this digital stamp application in Chandler, Arizona. "It's time to add gamification to local experiences. Bringing businesses and customers closer together." We provide marketing to small businesses promoting their brand while giving customers rewards.

We have developed a partnership with local municipalities and shops to offer a unique advantage to their guests and special marketing to increasing foot traffic at all types of local businesses. 

Bring Your Guests. Chandler Does The Rest!

Chandler is a hidden gem filled with history, nightlife, shopping, and community.

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