Download the rewards app, then sign up via email and phone number. 

    1. Spend at least 💰 $15.00 at any participating Chandler business to collect a digital stamp in the app on your phone.
    2. Once you have collected five stamps within 30 days, you are automatically entered into the monthly drawing.

We aim to hold one drawing every month. So get out and collect stamps from participating businesses. The winner will be informed by email and text. We also like to announce the winners on social media once they claim their prize.


Collect stamps from businesses on the program when you spend $15.00 or more. Get entered into the drawing. We will select and announce one lucky winner who will receive gift cards to Chandler business. ❤️🎁

Chandler Flex Rewards is an IOS and Android app that turns your phone into a loyalty punch card and connects you to several businesses. Collect stamps by scanning a QR code at participating Chandler businesses on one stamp card. After five stamps in one month, you are entered into a drawing for $100.00 in gift cards to Chandler businesses.

We Support the Local Chandler Community

  1. Local Business Promotion: Chandler Flex Rewards partners with local businesses to offer discounts, special promotions, and loyalty rewards to program members. This incentivizes residents to shop locally, supporting the local economy and helping small businesses thrive.

  2. Community Engagement: The program fosters a sense of community by encouraging residents to explore and engage with businesses and services in Chandler. It brings people together, strengthens community bonds, and creates a shared sense of pride in the city.

  3. Economic Boost: By driving traffic to local businesses, Chandler Flex Rewards contributes to the city’s economic growth. When residents spend their money locally, it generates tax revenue that can be reinvested into community development, infrastructure improvements, and public services.

  4. Charitable Initiatives: Some programs may have philanthropic components, where some proceeds can be donated to local nonprofits or community organizations. This allows residents to give back to their community while participating in the program.

  5. Community Feedback: Chandler Flex Rewards often includes mechanisms for feedback and reviews. This allows residents to share their experiences with local businesses, helping others make informed decisions about where to shop and dine.

  6. Promoting Local Events: The program may also promote local events, festivals, and cultural activities in Chandler. Highlighting these events encourages residents to participate, boosting attendance and support for community initiatives.

Chandler Flex Rewards is beneficial for the people who live in our town. It helps our local economy by encouraging individuals to spend money at local businesses, and it strengthens our community by assisting individuals in getting to know one another. Soon, we will introduce additional features to assist nonprofits in Chandler, Arizona.

Connect with a Variety of Merchants

Simply spend a minimum of $15.00 with any business on the app to receive a card punch.

Get Access to Welcome Rewards

You get a “welcome reward” when you join the app.

Get Access to Welcome Rewards

You get a “birthday reward” when you enter your birthday information into the app.

Coolect Stamps to Win Gift Cards

We have launched a monthly prize draw to entice community members to go to participating businesses. 

Discover New Businesses

Find a new business that you have never been to and spend $15.00 to gain a card punch.

Unlimited Stamp Cards

Collect at least five monthly stamps, or go all out and collect ten. You get one entry per five stamps

Submit Photos & Tag Us on Social

Want exclusive prizes? Share your #ChanderFlexRewards experience for special prizes or tickets to events. 

100% Contactless

Use printed QR Codes that allow staff to add stamps contactlessly by simply showing the code to customers.

Community Support & Activities

Are you searching for enjoyable activities to experience in Chandler and the Phoenix area? Plan on creating lasting memories in Chandler. We have a diverse selection of things to do in Chandler. Your entertainment needs are covered from annual festivals and vibrant nightlife to family-friendly activities, live music, engaging events, and more.

Community Partnerships

Chandler, AZ

— Save Second Base Bar Crawl

Hosted by Darwin Wall Chandler Realtors The Save Second Base Bar Crawl has supported breast cancer for the past ten years. Save Second Base Pub Crawl, Inc. is a 501c3 charity. Your sponsorship and contributions are tax deductible and ALL proceeds go to charity.

Chandler, AZ

This boutique agency manages a significant portion of our digital marketing and social media efforts. We feel privileged to collaborate with such a talented and transparent team.

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